“At age 64+, I had pretty much given up all hope of ever having a waistline again. I was using a treadmill, lifting weights, doing yoga and trying to watch every calorie I consumed, but nothing made a dent in my boxy shape. A friend had recently become a Pilates student and highly recommended that I try it. Since it was the only thing I hadn’t done, I decided to see if it really would help. What a discovery! Not only have I redefined my waist; I have strengthened my entire body! The Pilates difference, I believe, is the concentration on deep core muscles and…most importantly, a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor. Finding Amy Berger and Star Pilates has truly changed not only how I look, but also how I feel. Sixty-five is better than 64!”

Marie A. Mickey
The Avery Group, LLC

“Unequivocably doing pilates has helped my posture by relieving the tightness in my tight lower back. At age 50+, having played agressive sports like basketball and tennis all of my life, I needed to release some of the tension and mitigate the negative effects of years of pounding. Doing pilates with Amy has been the perfect antidote, opening up my spine and increasing my mobility. My only regret is that I’d like to do at least two sessions per week!”

David Schlessinger
Five Below

“Thank you for setting up my lesson with Greg Elwell on such short notice. I had an awesome lesson & I really enjoyed it. Greg is a wonderful instructor with a very positive teaching approach. He is very knowledgeable and professional and my lesson was exactly what I hoped it would be. It had the perfect amount of difficulty to be challenging but not so hard that it was discouraging. Greg also knew immediately that I had a hip issue. I had a training injury about two months ago. I was amazed that he saw that within the first few minutes of class. You have a beautiful studio & I’m looking forward to my next lesson. I would also love to get my husband in for class because I know it would help him immensely.”

Donna Wells
The Arden Group